Kitchen Tips & Tricks: How to Ripen Bananas for Baked Goods in 20 minutes.

Have you ever wanted to make a banana bread, maybe banana muffins, or some other recipe where ripe bananas were required, but the bananas staring back at you from the counter are underripe? And you know it will take daysssss for them to ripen on their own, but you are just wanting/needing to make that recipe TODAY?


Yeah, me too. It’s quite a predicament to be in. Especially if you are baking for an event. (Or just because you love your family and you know they would appreciate some banana chocolate fudge muffins on a Saturday morning).

So, I turned to my dear friend Google to find a solution, but unfortunately none of them brought about immediate results.

“Put them in a brown paper bag,” they said.

“They’ll ripen quickly,” they said.

And the truth is they’ll ripen faster; as in, maybe you’ll have ripe bananas in 3 days instead of 4.

But sometimes, that’s just. not. fast. enough.

So, here I am, to let you know you CAN have ripe bananas in 20 minutes. The method is surprisingly simple, but effective. All you have to do is lay the bananas on a baking pan like the picture above. Stick ’em in the oven at 325F for 20 minutes.

That’s it.

Are you shocked? I was.

You’ll know they’re ready when they look like this:


They’ll be suuuuper dark on the outside, but on the inside they’ll be perfectly soft and ready to be mashed and transformed into your baked good of choice. Speaking of which, here are some of my favorites.

Super easy, right? Too-good-to-be-true-(but it is)-kind-of-easy, really.

If your bananas aren’t quite as underripe as the ones I had, you may only need to bake them for 10-15 minutes, depending, Just make sure the peel turns completely black before you take them out.

Happy baking! Let me know what you make!

How to Ripen Bananas for Baked Goods in 20 minutes.


  • Underripe bananas

1). Pre-heat the oven to 325F.

2). Lay the bananas on a baking pan and bake for about 20 minutes. Let them cool for about 5 minutes before peeling.

Thanks to America’s Test Kitchen for this amazing kitchen trick!

One thought on “Kitchen Tips & Tricks: How to Ripen Bananas for Baked Goods in 20 minutes.

  1. So I really should have read this more carefully! I had underripe bananas and wanted to make banana pudding.. huge mistake! As Audrey correctly states, this trick is for baked goods, not fresh stuff like good ol’ banana pudding! I turned my super ripe bananas into some yummy muffins, so no big deal. The hubs ended up with homemade muffins and yummy banana pudding, so no complaints here!

    Plus, I popped the rest of my underripe bananas in the microwave for a few seconds until the ends started to change colors, and they were the perfect ripeness for pudding. Thanks for the great ideas, Audrey! I might have made banana-less banana pudding if you hadn’t inspired me!

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